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This a collection of games made within a 3+- month jam period, though some of them not explicitly for the jam, because why do rules like that matter? All of the games have been released separately by each individual dev, but are also collected here for posterity. In this way, there’s nothing being “leveraged” toward some worthless idea of a “vextro brand,” yet everyone is going along with (leeroy's) gimmicky long con idea to try to make our work a footnote in games history.

As Vextro has something of a light steady following, we decided it would be fun to pivot the games we’ve all made as also being part of the critical project of Vextro, because they’re rad and radical, and put stuff we say into practice, and they’re made better because of each other. Game making and writing about games is an entwined process.

Every year bet on creative work from Vextro! We believe in creative game making!

All of these games have been released separately, however, there are extra materials (okay just pieces of writing) that can only be found in this mega download. If you liked any one of these games before, please give the others a try!


dandelions by Lotus: https://lotusrootrecords.itch.io/dandelions

Growth.wad by Max: https://vextro.itch.io/growthwad (music by WasNotWhyNot)

The Reggae Project by NARFNra: https://narfnra.itch.io/the-reggae-operation

golden rays of sunshine by Saori: https://chiffon.itch.io/golden-rays-of-sunshine

Atom OI by Sraëka-Lillian: https://tunditur-unda.itch.io/atom-oi (music by NARFNra)

my bones will grow a forest by WasNotWhyNot: https://wasnotwhynot.itch.io/my-bones-will-grow-a-forest

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GenreAdventure, Platformer, Role Playing, Visual Novel
Tagsbundle, collection, FPS


Vextro Game Jam & Showcase.zip 850 MB

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