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Doom 2 map created for the vextro game jam 2020, themed on growth. I tried to incorporate growth in the weapon pacing and environment design. 

The map requires a source port so you'll need to use gzdoom or something. I included a little guide on how to run a doom wad if you need it.

This is a single player map and should take about 10-20 minutes to play.

CategoryGame mod
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Authorsvextro, mixmaxter
TagsDoom, Singleplayer, wad


Growth.wad.zip 2 MB


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I really adored this map and had a blast learning it. My favorite setpiece is fighting the two arch-viles in the maze of thin pillars, it felt like the climax of a horror movie. I loved the song too and never got tired of looping it.

I posted a playthrough here if anyone's interested!

this fits with the theme of growth really well. my favorite type of levels are ones that start off basic and get more complex. the new weapons dropped at the right time I thought.

The music is extremely good.

I liked this map. The theming was really good and I think you did a good job using doom's textures to assist in that, as well as the map layout. The early encounters were really fun and tense, and it escalates quite nice. Playing on UV tho I have to say some enemy placements are a bit evil. The maze felt pretty trial-and-error, although it was a really exhilarating way to up the tension. In the final section I think the monster mobs could have used a few less enemies. Otherwise I think this was a really fun and cool map to play through.

this was extremely for my cool first encounter with doom. fpses tend to intimidate me so i appreciated the way this one built up my confidence from trying to isolate single enemies in tight corridors to approaching swarms of horrible, horrible creatures in wide open spaces. i like how much i had to learn to relax, paradoxically, in order to stay on top of complex situations... music was dope too


Pretty good map! liked the progression from claustrophobic maze to overgrown outdoor ruins a lot, and the fake switch that you can walk through really got me lol

had a bit of trouble with the music...I'm assuming it's supposed to be sort of dissonant on purpose but it kinda got on my nerves after a couple loops. oh well.

Thank you for making this wad!